Love Is The True Black MC

Love is the True Black Video Masterclass

  • Are you stressed out by the idea of finding a PURPOSE?
  • Do you want to live a life more in alignment with your soul?
  • Does it ever feel like a lot of pressure?
  • Do you wonder how to access your ‘truth’?
  • Do you crave clarity?
  • Do you agree that simple can be profound?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, read on you are in the right place!

We are living in a world where we are all increasingly being called upon to strive for a more meaningful fulfilling life…

We are expected to find our own personal route to happiness, at a time in history when the bonds of society, faith and community are errhherrrmmm ‘somewhat frayed’.

We love to make things complicated. We imagine that in order to get to our truth and truly live a meaningful life, we need to retreat to a cave in the middle of the Himalayas for at least a year, fast, meditate in silence and perhaps anoint the feet of a sacred Guru.

Understandably, it is very easy to pop that on a ‘I’ll get to it later list’.
And all the while we continue to walk through our everyday lives, somewhat on auto pilot.

Knowing there’s more, but not knowing exactly how to access it.

What if instead of:

  • Waiting for the space in your jam packed life to take the next personal development course
  • Reading that book (goodness it looks long and you’re halfway through Game of Thrones!) you’ve been meaning to get to
  • Spending the next month journaling your innermost thoughts and feelings to largely wind up confused and overwhelmed

You could start right now by spending an hour with me to get to your core message?

I helped over 3000 people all around the world find theirs with this simple process

The fact that it is simple and what you come up with will be simple, is EXACTLY what makes it so powerful!

You won’t need to memorize tons of facts or integrate a gazillion new habits into your daily routine.

But you will have 1 simple clear phrase that you can live into on the daily, until you’re ready to take the next step.

I was invited by my friend and mentor Jack Canfield to deliver this self same process to his Mastermind.

Because he knew that the simplicity would be a challenge for his incredible peer group of world changing thought leaders.

Jack knew that even for those marvelous folks it would be a deeply clarifying endeavor to bring their message down to its’ very essence!

What’s in it for you…

  • A bite size 1 hour video Masterclass that will effortlessly lead you to the place of understanding yourself better
  • The same process that inspired 3000 people globally to find their message
  • An opportunity for you to reflect on your own values through the lense of your personal life experience
  • A simple downloadable PDF that will guide you through the process
  • A guided audio visualization to get you out of your head and into your body
  • A coaching formula to help you refine your words into something powerful
  • A Message… your message that you can take with you wherever you go
  • My guide to living into your message in every area of your life

And what’s in it for me?


And the joy of knowing that I got to switch on a little light inside of you
(seriously this is how I get my kicks).
Simple, powerful insight all for the price of a ManiPedi
or a half the price of a decent massage and just as nourishing!

Who’s this for?

It’s for you if:

You are a very serious professional type, this training has been completed by CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, teachers, academics and olympic athletes

You are an entrepreneur, artist, sports fanatic, dog lover, cat lover, gym lover, foodie

Appropriate for people in their teens to their 90’s

You are very rich and successful, this training has been completed and enjoyed by many a millionaire

You are lost and directionless and don’t know which way to turn

You mostly have your shit together

Did I mention that a side effect of this training is growing compassion, love and understanding that we are all in this beautiful human family together as in #oneness ? Seriously I’ve done this with people from over 42 different countries, religions, political persuasions, socio economic backgrounds… So whoever you are the doors are open, come on in the waters warm, I promise!

If you’re ready to find a message that is unique to you and live into it

If  you’re looking to open your mind to feeling a deeper connection to humanity

If you’ve done one of my trainings in the past and are ready for a new message

If you’ve done one of my trainings in the past and would love to share the experience with a loved one or friend?


If you know me, I know what you’re wondering… Photos?

So the answer is YES! I highly encourage you to take the picture with your message written on your body at the end of this Masterclass!!
It’s not obligatory, but I guarantee that it will:
Have a dramatic emotional effect on you
Give you 100 times more ownership of your message
Be a photo you’ll LOVE!
I would LOVE to see it! Pretty please, email it to me or post it in the Natalie Alexia FB page!


P.S. I am also working on both a book and an online gallery to host all the images we have so far, so if you create something beautiful you may well get featured (go on you know you want to)!


Here’s what some truly incredible people who I am blown away proud to have already taken through this experience, have said about it and me…

“Natalie’s essence is so pure and so of service” -Jack Canfield (Transformational Trainer & Best Selling Author Of Chicken Soup For The Soul)

“After we did Natalie’s process my team and I felt so different! Great work, Genius!” -Mike Dooley (

“Natalie is putting a new spin on personal growth” -Vishen Lakhiani (CEO Mind Valley, best-selling author of ‘Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’ )

“Natalie’s work hits home, she makes everyone feel part of the experience” -Sonia Choquette (Spiritual Teacher, Best Selling Author ‘The Answer Is Simple’)

“Natalie is a visionary who is changing lives at the deepest level” -David Wood (Transformational Trainer, CEO Amplified Living)

“Natalie has created something simple and profound” -Janet Bray Atwood (Best Selling Author of ‘The Passion Test’

Well 3000 people can’t be wrong!