Lovely To Meet You

So Lovely To Meet You…
I’m guessing someone you trust mentioned my name, or you’ve come across some of my images, videos or articles online. However you got here, I’m so glad you did!
My site is full of ideas that can help you get more of what you want in life, resources, inspiration and images of people from all over the world coming together to share their message. I’m so excited to be even a little part of your beautiful journey.

I’m a rebel hearted, speaker and creative growth strategist.

My specialty is illuminating your blocks, expanding your vision and applying creative thinking to help you become the person you’re here to be (and having a lot of fun in the process)…

. If you’re curious about my background and how I came to be doing this work, read about me in depth here.
Here are the highlights: I was born in London (I’m a Global Nomad that’s fancy for lived in a lot of countries). I grew up in London, Munich, Hong Kong and Melbourne. I spent the last 15 years living in Southern Spain and California. I’m an obsessive learner who spends time reading, writing, developing creative trainings and transformational events and seminars. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 21, running multiple businesses. My source of energy and inspiration has always been my babies (3 before my 30th bday) In 2001 I gave birth to my first baby (Tallulah) and my first business. I’m kind of a Brit at heart (I love a cup of tea and am partial to a crumpet).


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