Love Is The True Black

“Love Is The True Black…”

My photographic project…
I designed Love Is The True Black to cultivate more compassion and empathy for one another & grow faith in humanity’s innate goodness.

So what happens, when you grow up in London, Munich, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Laguna Beach and Southern Spain, go to 11 schools and never live in the same house for more than 3 years?

You develop a very different take on life… you see what’s ‘cool’  in 1 place, is not always ‘cool’  in another.
Everything external can be different, different ‘uniforms’, different languages, different music, different landscapes. But eventually with enough change you learn to see through a different lense…

When you take all consistency out of a person’s life in my experience 3 things happen.

    • The only thing left to make you feel safe in the end is yourself
    • Your ability to make judgements on people based on stereotypes decreases
    • You develop a lot of compassion and empathy for people

So I learned that yes, we’re all individuals…
but on some levels we’re all the same, connected.

A Photographic Project rooted in Social Change, Creating Profoundly Moving Images, Just Your Message & The Look In Your Eyes…Creating A Rare Glimpse Into Your Soul.

  • Images of over 3000 people
  • From Millionaires to Homeless
  • Children to Grandparents
  • Participation from 42 different countries
  • Different races, religions, political views

“So… What Was The Result?”

No matter who you are, what you have or where you’re from, we all value the same things.
The message you share with the world is the message you most need to hear
So what did 3000 people have in common? What were the ‘Human Values’ that emerged from this social experiment?

“Here are the Top 10 values shared over and over again…”

  • LOVE – We are love, giving love, self love
  • FAITH – A belief in something greater than us
  • GROWTH – To evolve and expand
  • AUTHENTICITY – To express true self
  • SUPPORT – To ‘be there’ for another
  • GRATITUDE – To be thankful
  • COURAGE – To be brave
  • HAPPINESS – To be Happy
  • INTUITION – To trust your inner knowing
  • WORTH – To accept and value yourself

I have been invited all over the world to deliver this as a talk and a training to help people uncover their message. If you are interested in learning about the ‘Wisdom of 3000 People’ join our community. If you’re interested in bringing the unique ‘Love Is The True Black’ experience to your event, business team or corporation contact me… Love Is The True Black is a truly unique, unforgettable experience for your team, biz or event that creates self awareness and deep connection in any group.





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