“Hey I’m Natalie… The World Needs You To Be Turned On!!”

I’m an entrepreneur, creatrix, coach & speaker. My ‘Hair-Brained Schemes’ have taken me around the world to speak, train, photograph and coach… I’m dedicated to helping you become the person you’re here to be…

Work With Me!

My work is devoted to sharing techniques, ideas, tools
and resources that will TURN YOU ON to the life that you want…


I create interactive keynote experiences, I believe in stimulating as many of your senses as possible. I’ve mastered the art of transforming anything from a 30 minute to 2 hour talk into an interactive experience…


Passion and clarity in an individual, or business makes the difference between average and amazing results. I deliver simple tools that produce extraordinary results in your team or company.


Getting you to YOUR truth, YOUR best answer, YOUR logical next step!
I will hold you accountable to be the best version of yourself. Create the results you desire at work, home & play!

Love Is The True Black!

I’ve Photographed 3000+ people, Collaborated with the UN and Engaged 35K Participants Globally…

Our Project was based on one Question
“If you could share a message with the world and guarantee everyone
would both hear and understand you, what would you say?”


The Message Effect…

My Unique combination of life changing training and interactive visual art.
I challenge you to KEEP IT SIMPLE… The Message Effect will help you figure out your message to the world and how to authentically integrate more of who you truly are into every aspect of your life.


 “Natalie’s essence is so pure and so of service” -Jack Canfield (Transformational Trainer & Best Selling Author Of Chicken Soup For The Soul)

“After we did Natalie’s process my team and I felt so different! Great work, Genius!” -Mike Dooley (TUT.com)

“Natalie is putting a new spin on personal growth” -Vishen Lakhiani (CEO Mind Valley, best-selling author of ‘Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’ )

“Natalie’s work hits home, she makes everyone feel part of the experience” -Sonia Choquette (Spiritual Teacher, Best Selling Author ‘The Answer Is Simple’)

 “Natalie is a visionary who is changing lives at the deepest level” -David Wood (Transformational Trainer, CEO Amplified Living)

“Natalie has created something simple and profound” -Janet Bray Atwood (Best Selling Author of ‘The Passion Test’



You Are A Masterpiece!

If I have taken your photo at one of our events, you can order
your canvas here…
You Are Art!


“Self Awareness Is The Cornerstone To Change…”



Website: http://nataliealexia.com
Email: hello@nataliealexia.com


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